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Cloud Evolution: From Data Hosting to Intelligence and PaaS

Technologies such as data analytics, BI, IoT and AI have been instrumental in streamlining business processes in the cloud. Read more here…

The Most Popular Cloud Computing Trends Beyond 2019

According to the latest Gartner report, 90% of organisations will be actively using cloud services by 2022. Click here to read more…

Update your Network Infrastructure with a Virtual Cloud Network

Research found that 85% of the computing capacity in legacy networking remains unused, and manual human errors cost businesses 35% network downtime.

How to Develop a Successful IoT Architecture

Collecting massive amounts of data from various devices and sensors is futile without a proper data management and operational strategy in place

Build a Digital Network Foundation for IoT

Organisations looking to maintain their competitive edge are eager to add IoT to their infrastructure – however, the risk of costly mistakes still exists.

The AI Future of Enterprise Networking

Enterprise networking is still hardware-driven, but it has already started to shift to a software-centric approach due to cloud technology.

Managing Multi-Cloud Infrastructure

Once organisations decide to transition to the cloud – most likely to accelerate digital innovations potential hiccups are likely to appear.

New Ways to Secure Your Networking Ecosystem

As business leaders move towards 2019, the threat of cybersecurity breaches and attacks remains a clear threat to their organisations.

What Makes VMware vSphere a Great Virtualisation Platform?

Virtualisation enables the use of virtual machines to store and compute information when accessed through the network servers.